GL-E750 Mudi - Error updating uboot to v4.3.8


I’ve update my Mudi firmware to 4.3.8 without issues. Once I tried to update uboot to the same version I’m getting the following.

Current version of uboot is 3.217.

Anyone having success upgrading uboot to version 4.3.8?

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The openwrt-e75…095958.img file is not an U-Boot update file. It is the Mudi GL-E750 router firmware 4.3.8 file in U-Boot format.

You have already updated the router to firmware 4.3.8, so there is no need to update further. There may or may not be a U-Boot update for Mudi, as not all GL.iNet routers need an update.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Thank you for clarifying.