GL-E750 Mudi feature request

  1. Need information about the current operating mode (repeater, cell, etc.) on the router http page as on the screen.

  2. The possibility of creating a priority list of networks, including cellular, would be in demand.

  3. It would be nice if Moody could be configured to automatically turn off internal Wi-Fi when within range of certain networks. For example, in a home network, where an additional gateway can be a problem. It also saves a battery power.

This has been on the http page. If you have repeater and modem connection at the same time, the two connections are displayed, with repeater on top.

This can be accepted actually. It just need too much effort for testing.

This could be difficult as it is too special. When AI (if we can call this function like this) is included, it could totally mess up.

Thanks for the answer, but in this case it might be an error:

OK. I see. The repeater should take priority. Not sure if it is UI bug in your pad.

In any case, it is logical that the current mode would be displayed on the upper green field. And mode switch required.