GL-E750 Mudi no power, no charge

Hi all,

I have e750 Mudi I’ve been loving for about a year with pretty frequent usage.

However a week or so ago I went to use it and I noticed that it wouldn’t turn on, nor would it seem to take a charge. I’ve tried booting w/ the reset and MCU retest buttons held, but still its shows no sign of life.

I recently purchased a new USB-C dongle for the E750 ( the Ethernet/charging adapter & cables that come with it originally) from GL-iNet thinking maybe that device went bad - but sadly no dice there either. When I plug the adapter/e750 dongle into a power bank that has a digital power usage readout, it indicates the Mudi is pulling ~1w. Anyone ran into this situation?

Do I have any options? Think the Mudi’s internal battery is dead? Anyone successfully bypassed that by chance? I’d really love to continue using this device and not have to buy a new one / start the shopping endeavors over again.

Thanks in advance

Can you write to us via email support at for warranty.

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