GL-E750 (MUDI) Overheating and Randomly Turning off

I’ve noticed an overheating issue with my GL-E750 (specifically with the module circled in this picture)

Unit will run for about 10 mins then auto power off (with only battery indicator when pressing the side button - that powers on)

ill notice it gets to around 74C before it shuts off

Current Firmware: 3.211 - bought the Unit new on Amazon during for Black Friday - and really only used it on the road.
I’m using 4G modem and 5Ghz WiFi to my clients (I tried switching it down to 2.4ghz - it last for 30mins instead of 10 mins with 5Ghz)

I also tried removing the back and placing the unit in the fridge while connected in bridge mode to my home wifi — that stabilized the temperatures to around 48C - never shutoff

anyone know why my chipset is running hot? at first i thought it was the battery - but its running fine (doesnt feel warm to the touch)

The temperature main for the battery.

Maybe the sensor is not accurate?

When you are using it, where did you put it? On table?

Never put it in the bag while using.


I am experiencing the exact same issue as you described.
Did you get any further support ?

This is quite annoying when router turns regularly off suddenly during video conferences…
Cannot rely on the stability of the E750 Mudi :frowning:

I am using it to work on the road and cannot put it into my fridge as it will make the fridge quite inefficient which is powered by solar panel. Lol

Thanks !