GL-E750 (Mudi) Slow wifi speed

I’m sorry my English is bad. Why is 5ghz wifi speed like that? wifi speed is between 60-70mbps. Lan speed speed 90-100mbps. I get the same speed on the phone. Please help me

5ghz wifi speed

Lan cable speed

I can’t get full speed even with lan cable because Mudi lan output supports up to 100mbps. The sim card was reaching 120-130 mbps speed on the phone. Mudi Ep-06 version. Maybe I could get more speed, if the wifi wasn’t so bad, I can get 100+ mbps speed.

Phone always has better speed.

The speed is not bad actually.

Speed is good but why its slow when I am wifi mode. With lan cable speed is about 100mbps but with wifi its about 70mbps. But in the details of this device it says it supports 5ghz and 433mbps. And just to let you know modem is very close to pc like less then 1 meter.

The speed is like this on the phone, both 2.4ghz and 5ghz are the same. 60-70mbps

GL-E750(Mudi) in details it says that speed can be up to 5ghz and 433mbps but its a lie. Not to mention 2.4ghz thats much more worse. Buyers should note that max speed is 70mbps. This device has lots of issues its like a demo version and they are just selling and testing it at the same time. There are not much wifi devices around me and none parasite problem. They I guess limited the speed in wife mode to 70mbps and there is no Ethernet jack in this device. I am very disappointed right now It would be better if I buy phone in 200$ and use the hotspot of it. 6 year old phone works 10 times better than this. Just not recommending you to buy it they dont even have good support system for occured problems.

Rafaello, I think that your negative comment is not fair. Of course that for different uses, different solutions could give better results.

However, some of the advantages that Mudi has are:

  • Mudi is a Router, your phone is a phone, some people need a router, not a phone

  • comparing routers with phones is like comparing apples to oranges

  • you can change the imei on mudi (some people find this very useful)

  • you can change all mac addresses on Mudi (again, some people find this useful)

  • you can manage your mudi remotely using glinet mobile app

  • Mudi has an Ethernet adapter included

  • etc. etc. etc.

I bought these because I already knew them. Changing imei and faster wifi sharing at 5ghz. But wifi sharing is a complete disappointment. I said that was the worst part of my review. I can see 100mbps with the lan cable on this device of the 180mbps speed I have already reached on the phone. I’m losing 100mbps speed with wifi, I can’t call it good. I would understand if there was a 10mbps speed drop, but not that much.
“An external ethernet adapter”. It’s a pity that such a large device doesn’t have an ethernet port in it.

You should know the difference between wifi specs and real world speed

Are you saying 326 mbps speed loss is normal now? joke? You do not accept that there is a problem with the device in any way.

I tried connecting the device to the routers and with the lan cable, they all reached 98 mbps speed at 5ghz. The problem is in the device. Maybe you accept it, update it and remove the problem.