GL-E750 MUDI some issues?

Hi all,

I’ve been using the router for 2 weeks now on a daily basis and here’s a couple of issues and cons I found out

  • the 5GHz antenna is totally useless. It breaks internet and can’t keep up the connection for over 1 client
  • mount and share management is atrocious tragic. The router doesn’t see the external portable hard drive even if according to the documentation (File Sharing - GL.iNet Docs). Accessing the SD card in the router is also painful. This is not a file hub as there’s no file management at all
  • Will the battery survive if the router is constantly connected to a wall USB charger?

Everything else works as intended.


5G wifi signal on E750 should be quite good. Not sure about your issue. Maybe antenna fall off inside?

The signal is good but the connection is being dropped. I don’t know if this is a soft issue or a hw issue