GL-E750(Mudi) V3.203 Luci instal error

After the latest firmware V3.203 I can not log into Luci, I tried to install Luci again and I get an error, who knows the solution.

Video1 GL-E750(Mudi) V3.203 Luci instal error - YouTube

Maybe you can get a pc and ssh to the router to reinstall luci.

opkg update
opkg install --force-reinstall luci

Cannot really see the actual error in the video. But seems some packages failed to install.

Try going to Applications - Plugins and Update from there then try installing from Advanced Menu again.

This does not help, I understand that the necessary components are missing from the repository.

Video 2
Video 3

Seems E750 cannot connect to our server.

Does it has Internet? Or vpn or carrier limitations to access the Internet?

Yes, there is Internet, vpn is not used.

Can you try the following command and give me output?


If necessary can I have a remote check using anydesk or teamviewer?

Yes, I can bring it home, let’s agree on a certain time and date.

At least is downloadable.

Is there anyway that you can think of it is blocked by your carrier?

I don’t know what the problem was, but today everything was established, did you have any maintenance work on the server?

I am not sure. But as you can do it now hope it is solved by now.