GL e750 no internet

Hi all,

We noticed the GL E750 router suddenly refused to allow internet access. Router was running fine for a month then all 8 routers just stopped allowing internet access.

The connected devices will show a ! next to the wifi and limited connection or no internet. It is not a sim issue as we inserted the sim into the devices and works.

We decided to reset one of the router and setup without VPN and that works fine.
However once we setup a VPN profile the internet is restricted.

was there a firmware upgrade thats causing this issue?

VPN profile is Surfshark.

We decided to reset another router and updated the firmware to 4.
Surfshark vpn wont allow internet access so we removed it.
We then setup NordVPN to the vpn profile and WORKS, but the LED shoes “no internet”.

Why LED says no internet but we have internet access?

This does not appear to be a one off issue as this happened to all 8 of our MUDI e750.

What can we do to fix this issue?


Is the firmware version number 4.3.8?
Does it still show no network connection even when the VPN is not connected?
Can I check your internet connection? Just take a screenshot

Hi all,

Worked it out now.

Seems like Surfshark vpn profile is not allowing any internet access. We tested it with Nord vpn and works fine.

Spoke to SurfShark support and it seems we need to adjust the DNS.

Enter these DNS servers:

DNS server 1:
DNS server 2:
Check both Force all clients to use and Rebind Protection options and click Apply.

once you have done that you should be able to connect to the internet with Surfshark profile.