GL-E750 sd card not writable

Just did some testing with my new toy, feels good :wink:
What puzzles me for a few hours is that sd card is not writable. What did I do:

  1. in admin panel under ‘File sharing’ I made sure ‘share via lan’,‘share via wan’, ‘writable’ are all toggled to ‘On’
  2. I formatted the sd card with an ext4 partition (tried also vfat, no difference)

I ssh’t into the GL-E350 and went to /mnt/sda1. I see all those unreadable empty files, which is done by GL-iNet I presume. I also read files I put on the SD before. But I can’t write any new files or edit existing ones.

I also connected a usb stick to the GL-E350 (also ext4). Here I can do everything I like, especially writing and editing files.

$ ls -l /mnt/*
drwxrwxrwx 41 root root 8192 Jan 1 1970 sda1
drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 4096 Feb 1 02:34 sdb1

What do I miss? Thanks for helping me on.

I also did some fiddling with samba. laptop with linux/ubuntu connected to GL-E350. I no way get any access to ‘file sharing’ on GL-E350. Also not when I connect the share to my usb stick. If anyone has any thoughts I would like it very much.

Thanks, Roger

The router will not write anything to your USB key. Seems something is wrong.

The router will not write anything to your USB key

well my router does write to my USB key.

on which side it is wrong ? If I can do something to make things work as it is meant please let me know. If I can do something to help testing please also let me know

Actually I have no idea.

Do you have another USB key to try?