GL-E750 Successeor

I really wish there were a successor/ new model of battery powered 5G travel router made by GL.iNet.
The beloved Mudi is a trusty companion, however the craving for an updated and upgraded device intensifies.
It’s been a while since there was innovation in that area and no one does it better than GL.iNet.
Please guys, give us some new toys!

Thanks,In fact we are already planning to make a 5G Travel Router but have not been looking for a 5G SOC that meets the requirements, maybe the X72 is a very good choice, the X72 is likely to be released in Q3 2024. Do you have any suggestions for 5G travel router ?

My suggestions would be:
dual sim
fast charging
UI overhaul
swappable battery
maybe bigger screen with qr code generator for WPA3 keys
or NFC network invite for new devices

but most importantly a GUI version of the blue-merle pack

…but I’m sure in the end it will be great, however you people end up designing it.