GL-e750 wifi scan nac vs bga

Shows 2 radio interfaces in Luci OpenWRT 21.02.1:
QCA9887 802.11nac
QCA9887 802.11bgn

When scanning for wifi networks, the bgn radio finds many APs, including my own N router.

The scan with nac radio only finds 2-3 of the above APs.

How to make nac radio find other APs?

(I already tried adding network connections with “Legacy” and “N” settings, but same result)

Very strange. 9887 should be the AC wifi chipset.

What are the stations you scanned? 2.4G or 5G?

Pls note as E750 has MCU to talk with the firmware, Openwrt vanilla firmware does not support very well.

Sorry, I don’t know how to tell which scanned; i just press the Scan button.
Since it is N-AC, I hoped it would find my N router also.
It has options for Legacy, N, AC, when I press the Add button and set Client mode, and I tried all that.

If i just set it to connect as Client, it doesn’t even try, probably because it can’t see the router.

It was image built supposedly for e750, which is listed on this page: