GL-E750V2 sd card slot

what is the sdcard slot for? when i insert an sdcard and then start the router, nothing happens. i cannot access the card. there is no menu item for it.
The same problem applies to connected USB sticks.

  • Version4.0
  • Firmwaretyp0312release4
  • Zeitpunkt Der Erstellung2024-04-10 18:47:38(UTC+08:00)

I would assume that the file system on the card and USB stick isn’t the right one.

Try FAT32 or maybe NTFS (not exFAT, not ReFS)

Are you talking about web pages that don’t have a corresponding page

Hi ywp.

yes, i can not see any option how to view attached storage.


You can refer to this post

GL-INET sells this device with a sd card-slot but without any usefull function to use it.
Beta-Systems and unstable installations are the solution?

hmm. thank you for your reply, but i send back this device and looking for a better one.