[GL-EX300] - Guest WiFi Allow Access to Admin Panel

Good Evening,

Is it possible to allow users connected to the guest Wi-Fi network access to the Admin Panel? I do not see any kind of setting, is this something that needs to be done in LuCI?


I tried setting a firewall rule in LuCI, but that didn’t seem to help.

I don’t know if this is relevant, the IP settings are the default:
Guest Wi-Fi

Yes, that because they are on two different subnets. It’s designed this way to keep network traffic separate. In this scenario prevent devices on the Guest network interacting with your Private network.

The following from the OpenWrt Forum, might give you some pointers on how to allow guest access to the admin panel. Yes this is for a printer, but the principals are the same.

Please try to change this to brlan

And here also

I ended up creating a new network interface and access point which accomplished what I needed. I appreciate the feedback and the help. I turned off the guest network all together, it seems to be working okay.