GL I Net GL AXT 1800

Hello from US

I come from Unifi…
I recently purchased this router as my travel gear.

Based on OpenWRT and rock solid firmware - the best part of this router is when I am using MS Team, when people connect from China…we have offices in China. CPU and Memory takes over, AI is executed, you get best of the best line signals for voice.

Many, many hats off, this works so well…

Updated the firmware, it went so so smooth , no issues

Very very excited to see and become the journey in OpenWRT

Thanks for everything you guys are doing


I can see why you might like this if you’ve come from Unifi, especially if you’ve experienced some of the bad firmware from them.

I also came from the Unifi platform along with the Omada platform from TP Link and I agree with you 100% that the performance of the higher end gl.iNet products and the openWRT platform are far superior to either of the aforementioned ones.

They do both have their strengths and weaknesses though. I install and manage large scale WiFi deployments (think football stadiums, music festivals, colleges, etc.) and it’s hard to beat the how easy the Omada and Unifi systems make it. One thing I would love to see in a future release of OpenWRT or the gl.iNet firmware is support for managing all OpenWRT access points on your network from one page. Omada makes this possible with their software or hardware based solutions, and both Omada and Unifi have cloud based solutions, but a lot of these gl.iNet devices like the Flint and Slate AX or Brume 2 would be more than powerful enough to run the required processes. The inability to control network settings on a large deployment and having to log into each access point individually is the most essential aspect holding me back from using these commercially.


Thanks, only issue so far I see is tethering. I have TMobile phone I connect to USB port, and my other phone connects via wifi6, traffic goes via phone - T-Mobile. But due to week security, TMobile sneaks ( allowed to sneak) inside the NATed network, or somehow finds that , if another device connects to that 6G wireless network, the internet fails. Only one device can connect. In pure NATed world, under any circumstances, TMobile Samsung phone should not be able to detect two traffic coming from two devices, it should sense only network and that will be the router…but it’s not the case…rest device is rock solid…

That’s interesting. I also have T-Mobile but haven’t seen the same issue with other gl.iNet routers, but haven’t tested with the AXT1800 yet. I have bandwidth limitations on tethering with my T-Mobile plan but I’ll test it out and see if I can encounter the same issue.

Which Unifi router did you previously use for travel? I did not know Unifi made travel routers.

Different people will have different experiences with Unifi, OpenWRT, Asus, TP-Link, Linksys, Netgear, etc. It is great that you have good experience with OpenWRT.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Not as Travel Router, but I have USG, UDM, and UDM SE, I use all