GL-inet 300M

bonjour , le routeur est branché sur Ethernet ,j’ai installer les serveurs nordvpn tout fonctionne bien sauf que quelques fois le pc est déconnecter d’internet ,pourtant le vpn est toujours actif dans l’interface du routeur,merci.

hello, the router is connected to ethernet, I installed the nordvpn servers, everything works well except that the pc is disconnected from the internet a few times, yet the vpn is still active in the router interface, thank you.

How far apart are the Internet disconnects and does it reconnect automatically or manually afterward?
Does wifi on the PC gets dropped, or does wifi stay connected but you cannot access the Internet?

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hello, the wifi of the pc is disconnected.
the wifi of the router is disconnected.
internet on the pc disconnects a few times but the vpn of the router is still active (green dot).
so I restart the restart of the router to have internet on the pc. the box is ok. the firmware of the router is up to date.

Were you downloading/uploading a lot of data when the disconnects occur? Do you also get the disconnects when the router is not connected to VPN?

If you can see a green dot for VPN in the Admin Panel UI, then it seems you are connected from another PC and the router wifi/VPN are still active, so try reconnecting the PC wifi without rebooting the router.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

hello, I reset the router, I put the router on wifi, unplugged ethernet cable and again the pc disconnects from the internet, no, I don’t download anything. as if it were my network card that failed. can be a problem.

I want to confirm exact steps you do. Maybe just like step one, two, three.

These info is confusing

  1. You connected router to your wifi network? and you have cable in wan?
  2. You set up vpn on the router and works ok?
  3. You unplug cable (wan cable?) and pc has no internet?

here is the result after the computer comes out of standby
have to restart the router to have an internet connection on the pc

Please also post a screenshot of the main Admin Panel - Internet page.

Is there an Ethernet cable plugged into either the LAN or WAN port for the screenshot?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

no disconnection since yesterday, I’ll wait to see.

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hello, I removed the nord vpn servers and I put the vpnbook servers and no more disconnection from the internet for the moment.


If you mean Nord, there may be some problem in the ovpn config. Pls do this and it will be stable.

You can modify the ovpn before upload to the router.

thank you for the tip

always problem of disconnection from the internet even if vpn active in the router, have to restart the router to regain the internet connection.

hello, can I use the cyberghost vpn on the GL-AR300M16 and where to find the ovpn server file to drag it into the interface, thank you.

You have to log into CyberGhost and download config file from their website.

If you have already tried NordVPN and VPNbook, then the problem may not be with the VPN provider. It may be worthwhile to do a factory reset (“Revert Firmware”) on the router and start fresh.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I put previous firmware, I put a protonvpn server, I will monitor.

hello, I bought protonvpn and it works very well for the moment.

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bonjour , probleme réglé

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