GL inet 4g Routers MIMO 2x2

Do you have any product which support 2x2 Mimo antenna?

If you are looking for LTE MIMO: The GL-X750 is available with a Quectel EP06 LTE module. The EP06 Hardware Specification includes 2x2 MIMO. However, as far as I can see, the documentation for the EP06 software and drivers makes no mention of MIMO.

If MIMO availability is entirely in hardware or (more likely) the EP06’s embedded firmware then we might get it with a GL-X750 “out of the box”. I’m sure we’d all like to hear from Gl-inet about this !

Personally, I opt for the EP06 module, never the cheaper EC25. And I install dual, MIMO-compatible antennae, in the hope that MIMO will work in the future, even if not today.

Anyway GL-X750 don’t have “out of the box the ports for connecting antenna?

It does, yes: two 4G/LTE antenna sockets.

The EP06 has three antenna connectors: my understanding is that one is for GPS and the other two are 4G/LTE. Those two connect to sockets on the router’s case.

Can you send photo? I cant found connectors for antenna on product photo

The two white 4G antennae are plugged in to the two sockets.

I suggest you go through Gl-Inet’s actual support channels for product support. I’m just a customer; I might be mistaken about any of this :thinking:

And where are the antennas for wi-fi then? For example, Collie (GL-X300B) Industrial Wireless Gateway | RS485/ IoT Version | 4– GL.iNet
In Specifications they say - * Antennas: 1 x WiFi Antenna, 1 x 4G Antenna
As i understand all that quectel 4g modules have support mimo, and they have more than one ports for connectors, but in the end gl inet device only one input is declared for the antenna

Look at the FCC internal photos that show all the antennas:

and at the first photo, i am not sure, but i think both connector which go to the lte module it is the one wire