GL.Inet.6416A (missing plug-in "gl-cloud-ui" ), DDNS dont work

I have GL.Inet.6416A v1 and openWrt last version (3.18.27).
I read the instruction carefully and it says that i need plug-in “gl-cloud-ui” for activate DDNS.
But it absent in plug-ins list!

Also i have installed universal DDNS pluging and “” doesnt work too!
The next errors displays:

  • Basic Settings - Custom update-URL: missing / required
  • Basic Settings - Username: missing / required
  • Advanced Settings - IP address source [IPv4]: can not detect local IP. Please select a different Source combination

Please, help, or give link to instruction for DDNS of 6416A tuning plz.

The 6416 does not have cloud-ui due to hardware resource constraints

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But router has DDNS address, marked on then box. I bought it primarly for the DDNS.
Can i use another ddns service?
Thank a lot.

old ddns should be usable. Can you pm your ddns for a check?