GL.INET 6416a - OPENVPN eth1/eth2

Hi, I have a 6416 (16M). If I install the latest 2.264 firmware openwrt-6416-2.264.bin will be available OPENVPN CLIENT, is possible to connect on eth1 the router and on eth2 PC. Is available on the GUI а simple ON/OFF button switch to activate or bypass OPENVPN on eth2.

ON internet ROUTER -> (ETH1)-[OPENVPN]-(ETH2) -> PC

OFF internet ROUTER -> (ETH1)-[pass throut]-(ETH2) -> PC


v2.264 does has openvpn client.

There is no on/off button to control vpn in the UI. You can only disable or enable vpn, which will cause the vpn to restart.