GL.iNet and another router working together as one

Hi everyone. Watch out as there is a network-novice warning here.

I have been using my trusted Brume as my main router for some time now in a double NAT situation as it has been the best possible option to utilise AdGuard+WireGuard when connecting all my devices to the wild internet. This has, for the most part, been working really well for my needs. I would, however, love to be able to use my upstream Draytek modem-router to handle some of the networking abilities as well to make use of its WAN aggregation and other capabilities. In essence, I am keen to be able use my Brume with both its VPN (wireguard) and AdGuard freatures being ALWAYS ON to connect some of the devices on my network to the wider web and at the same time use my Draytek to connect another subset of devices. My problem is that while the devices connected to Brume talk freely to each other and those connected to the Draytek do the same, device on different routers are unable to see each other and that is when the network breaks.

It would be great if I can get the devices on both routers to behave like they are connected to the same LAN network and as if they are all sitting under a single router’s umbrella while using the different features available to me on the two different routers. Is such a thing even possible? If it is, then I would greatly appreciate any guidance or pointers to help me try and achieve my goal. Thank you in advance to all for taking the time to look into this and for any expert advice.

I don’t think you can do this. The client behind MV1000 goes to the vpn and they need MV1000 working with NAT. VPN does not work in bridge mode now.

But you can set up vpn policies and set not to use vpn for the network in your modem’s subnet. In this case clients in both network can talk using IP address.

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Many thanks Alfie for the rapid response. Just to try and make things a bit easier for me to understand, if we remove the VPN of the equation for now, is there a simple guide or instruction that I can follow to combine the two different subnets in the way you have described. Once I manage to achieve this, I can then hopefully look into how to utilise VPN policies as the next step in my quest. Thank you again for your help.

Without VPN, you need to set the rotuer in bridge mode (AP, extender, wds) so that it will not create its own subnet.