GL-iNet and Sustainability

Cool gadgets are even more cool when they are efficient and conscious of using natural resources. Cool gadgets ideally have: 1) standard power connectors like USB ( universal cables to avoid plastic pollution of proprietary cables ) 2) Smart capabilities for Power + Data over the same cable. ( Like USB-C ethernet + Power + USB, so you can use one cable instead of two cables ).

" Wi-Fi 6 travel router (GL-AXT1800) is coming soon"
Does this have USB-TypeC power connector? Is “Type C” the same as “USB Type C” ?

The same, just the power input is different. MT1300 needs 5V/3A, but the AXT1800 needs 5V/4A…they cannot share the same adaptor. We want to re-use the same adapter if possible for sustainability, but the power safety is also important. Sometimes, we can’t have both.