GL.iNet - Any plans to upgrade Mudi/Puli to 5G or plans for a new 5G portable device?


Does GL.iNet have plans to upgrade portable LTE / 4G devices to the newest 5G?

Thank you.

You mean to develop new 5G routers, right?

Current routers can change a module to upgrade. But unfortunately 5G modules are generally m2 interface.

5G modules are very expensive now.

But I understand 5G + WiFi6 is the direction.

Yes, I see that the modules Quectel or Sierra that are more than cat6 are almost all M2 now.


@alzhao if someone were mad enough to spend nearly $700 (at the time of writing) on this mini PCI-e 5G module, do you know if the current firmware would “just work” or would there need to be a patch to support it?

Even if it works, the connection internally to the mpci-e slot is only USB2 if i remember correctly, so in the best case you will get max 480mbit, not the modules full gigabit speed. If you account for overhead and other factors, it will be even lower, probably around 300mbit.

I don’t think the module will just work. All modules need to add drivers, even it is just a line of code. Without compatibity test cannot just assume it will work.

I’ve used M.2 adapters in my GL-MiFi. I believe I have a Cat 12 modem in one of them right now, but I’d need to check.

I can say that a Quectel 5G modem works, too, but it’s too big to fit in the case. I checked it while it was hanging out at an angle.

Note that I had to flash it to ROOter to make the other modems work. I’m sure that all that is needed is the drivers to make the GL-iNet firmware work, but it was a lot easier to just flash it.

I’d love to see a native GL-iNet 5G router, but I’m sure it would be pretty expensive. I love these little gadgets (and I own way too many of them) but they’re not real powerhouses. They’re reliable travel routers, which is really only what I use mine for.


Sadly its Mid 2022 and still no 5G travel routers.


Seconding this, any plans for a 5G router?

yes. Working on this. No further info can be released now.


hi just wondering about this. Given the transition to 5G in the US, which network (Verizon, Tmobile, AT&T) does E750 EG25-G work with?

Edit: i changed my imei to a recognized device, hope it works!

T-Mobile is definitely the best one.

Working on some AT&T data plans. Seems different data plans has different problems.

For Verizon, if you have the right IMEI and use our snapshot firmware 3.215 it should work.