GL inet app don't connect tonite. It go to GL inet's server first?


happy using brumeW (and mango) but suddenly the GL inet app
cant connect to the devices.

For brumeW, I can still go to it by,
the GL inet app… the phone can still connect to brumeW for internet,
can still browse youtube etc.

Just the app keeps itself at the glinet “wifi for things” screen and the circle loading.

  1. Is others happening or just my problem? I even reset-ed the brumeW but same.

  2. Did the app visit outside server… the goodcloud first?
    I would worry it visit outside server first, after that only it goes local.
    (for privacy i mean)

Thank you.

I have the Same problem with the app (iOS) and i have the same router MV-1000W

But the website Goodcloud works

I use android, however.

my mango is in AP mode so the app is not able to connect to it.

let’s see how later.

the app is ok now, resolve on its own.

this let me think i am not in COMPLETE control
of my device.

Seems you were using app from testflight.

There was a problem and we fixed that.