GL.Inet APP on iOS not detecting GL-MT300N-V2

I am connected to the Wifi from my Mango, and I am running the 3.212 firmware version, using the last version of the App available in the App Store, and for some reason the App is not able to detect my router. The router is already configured so no need to do it again.
Any solutions for this?

Steps to add a router with Initial Setup by App:

  1. The phone connects to the router’s Wi-Fi
  2. Check that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, then check that the access IP of router and the gateway are the same. (This step is usually not needed unless your router has special settings)
  3. Open App and wait Pop-up page for login router (Usually within 3s)
  4. Enter your admin password, then click “Done” in Top right corner

Hi @yuxin.zou,

Tried already your steps and it is not working. I don’t get the Pop up page to login the router.

Are you grant app “Access to Local Network” permission?

Yes, I can detect another router in another network, but when I connect to the network from Mango it can not detect it.

Can you access the web Admin Panel (default is in your phone browser?

i have the same problem, i cant access to the router with the app but by web admin panel i can .
and same problem with axt1800 and glmt 1300

before the last app update i could access through the app without any issue

Can you go to App Settings in the sidebar, open the log and check for the issue?