GL INET AR750S Wireless Slow Speed


I’m trying to understand if there are limitation on these device is that slows down the connection speed.

If I connect directly to my hotel’s wifi it will run at

45 MBPS download, and 47Mbps upload.

I bought 2 GL Inet Travel Router but unable to get the same speed as direct connection.

When I tried the

GL-MT300N-V2 : Version 3.203 - Channel 1
I get Wifi Speed :12 Mbps Download and Mbps 15 Upload
Lan Cable: 45mbps

GL-AR750s-202-5g : Version 3.203 - Channel 48
Wifi Speed: 29mbps download, 36mbps
Lan Cable: 29mbps download, 36 mbps upload

Is this acting normal because of a device in between my computer and the hotel’s internet?.
I’m puzzled on why the MT300N-V2 when the computer is plugged directly in, it runs at full speed but the GL-Ar750s remains the same no matter which way you connect it to.

Any suggestion would be helpful.

Thank you.

For the “Lan Cable”, do you mean connect to hotel network via cable and then test cable, or the router always connect to hotel via wifi?

The speed differs but may not have a major difference.

The lan cable is connect from my computer to the gl router. The router is connected to the hotel wireless.

I see. But I cannot tell the reason. Maybe after multiple test you will have different result.