GL-iNet AX1800 OpenWrt firmware

My current list is (and associated dependencies), with openssl compiled for speed not size:

I may be leaving something out, but I suppose I’ll find that out when something breaks hah.

  - openvpn-openssl
  - cryptsetup
  - rsync
  - rsyncd
  - luci-app-travelmate
  - travelmate
  - kmod-mmc
  - kmod-crypto-aead
  - kmod-crypto-gcm
  - kmod-crypto-cbc
  - kmod-crypto-deflate
  - kmod-crypto-crc32c
  - kmod-crypto-ecdh
  - kmod-crypto-lib-chacha20poly1305
  - kmod-crypto-lib-curve25519
  - kmod-crypto-md5
  - kmod-crypto-rmd160
  - kmod-crypto-rng
  - kmod-crypto-sha1
  - kmod-crypto-sha256
  - kmod-crypto-sha512
  - kmod-crypto-fcrypt
  - kmod-crypto-md4
  - kmod-crypto-xcbc
  - kmod-crypto-xts
  - kmod-crypto-crc32
  - kmod-crypto-ecb
  - kmod-fs-ext4
  - openssh-server
  - openssh-sftp-server
  - luci-app-samba4
  - samba4
  - samba4-tools
  - samba4-utils
  - samba4-admin
  - samba4-client
  - cifs-mount
  - luci-proto-wireguard
  - iptables-mod-nat-extra
  - kmod-crypto-echainiv
  - wireguard-tools
  - tailscale
  - tailscaled
  - nfs-kernel-server
  - nfs-kernel-server-utils
  - openssl-util
  - kmod-usb-storage
  - kmod-usb-storage-extras
  - kmod-usb-storage-uas
  - kmod-fs-nfs
  - kmod-fs-nfs-common
  - kmod-fs-nfs-v4
  - kmod-fs-nfsd
  - nfs-utils-libs
  - luci-proto-nebula
  - iptables-nft

I mean for the ones that didn’t install due to errors. I checked my webserver(s) not a single one has a 302 handler on it.

I have a new build building now with cryptosetup installed with it.

New build up: generic (

just flashed it with your latest build. All working fine. Any issues, will let you know.

Great work!

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If you have downloaded the latest r21588, please redownload it you can reflash using the sysupgrade image no problem.

I checked the latest file and the ids are the same with the one I downloaded yesterday. Has there been a recent change?

Do you think you can we add “passwall” library too please?

Are you getting errors on trying to install that via OPKG?? i rather no fill the root partition with too much stuff.

I think it’s missing some libraries. I will let you know.
Passwall is an interesting one. With it you can run the latest V2Ray proxies, such as VLESS and Trojan. Might be useful to some.

forgive my ignorance, does this mean I will eventually be able to run vanilla openwrt on my Slate AX?
fantastic if that iis the case.

Yes it will be on the 5.x kernel branch, well it currently is now but there are things not working yet which is why it’s not even in snapshots yet.

great news, thanks for your effort.

HI there r21915 5G wireless doesn’t work.
Wireless is not associated

Known issue which I am working on to solve, it’s a compatibility issue between LUCI and the wireless firmware being used. There is a snapshot build on my webserver with 5G working but it’s a r218 based build.

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Hi @solidus1983, have been eagerly following your posts for a while now - thanks for putting in all the work. Making the switch to stock OpenWRT on a CM4 so I’ll be able to beta test AXT1800 for you if I can get some pointers, haven’t built any images before. Thanks again!


I have tsens kind of working and USB is still being a pain right now.

I ended up rebasing the solidus1983 branch however to keep consistent it’s now called ipq60xx_solidus1983 rather then ipq60xx-solidus1983.

I am still working on the device when I have free time though (which isn’t much ATM) however feel free to make your own image from my GitHub repo.