GL-iNet AX1800 - Samsung/Android phone Ethernet connection

Hello I bought a Flint yesterday and playing with the device.
Now i have 2 Samsung phones note 10+5g and Samsung S21 FE 5G
I can USB tether works as expected.

Now i wanted to try ethernet tether via the phone.
So I bought a “UGREEN USB C to Ethernet Adapter”
when i plug the Adapter into the flint LAN port works via DHCP can browse internet on phone when in airplane mode.

If i plug phone using mobile data ON into FLINT WAN port then it does not assign IP and phone fails to connect.
Is it possible to share mobile data to ethernet via flint WAN PORT?

Does your wireless carrier plan permit tethering and has “Ethernet tethering” under “Mobile Hostpot and Tethering” been turned ON in the Samsung S21 settings?

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I managed to get this to work.

So i plug the Samsung phone to "UGREEN USB C to Ethernet Adapter”. I Plug the ethernet to WAN.
Samsung phone default tries to connect and fails. When you select connect it keeps failing to connect.

There are 2 ways to get to “ETHERNET” setting and they do 2 things in samsung android 11+ phones.

1.Settings → Connections–> More Connection Setting–>ETHERNET :x: :-1:

2. SettingsConnectionsMobile hotspot and tetheringEthernet Tethering :white_check_mark: :+1:

When I use number 2 .“Mobile hotspot and tethering” and connect ON it works i get a cable connection to FLINT so IP gets assigned (DHCP).

Credit to this youtuber

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What’s your speed with usb tethering? I can only get 250mbps(phone can get 500mbps) usb2 speed

I get around 327mbps download/60up on flint and phones (both samsungs) on USB tether.

Flint Firmware - Version 3.213

what about the speed for phone ethernet connection? the same speed with usb tether?

Roughly the same for me.