GL-iNet AX1800 WiFi issue

After upgrading to the latest firmware release in March 2022 I noticed that WiFi disappears for a good few minutes. I have downgraded from GUI to December 2021 release but experiencing the same issue.

My main and guest WiFi are both on WiFi6 (802.11a/n/ac/ax) with different SSID.

All devices face this issue including those which support WPA3. IP6 is disabled. A while back WiFi disappeared and never came back so I had to restart the router.

Not sure I can trust this router for important meetings working from home :frowning:

Besides that, how can I log PPPoE uptime and reconnections?

Start a Crash dump log. Hard-wire a computer. When WiFi disconnects open log on wired computer and view what happened.

Some more basic info would be helpful like: Operating region, Channel band, Station width. Settings might need to be changed in you wireless network interface card. You might be competing with your neighbors WiFi

There are some many things it could be A crash dump log would help narrow it down.

Speaking from experience I backup a Config File from LuCi and upgrade with factory settings and don’t migrate my settings to the new firmware. I then set things up enough to upload config file.

People have also had good success with the 3.214 Beta

I do not work for Gl-iNet

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