GL.iNet Beryl with VPN

I have been using my GL.iNet Beryl for the last few travels. It has been good.

I want to add another layer of protection and that is using VPN. If I purchase VPN Express or VPN Nord, do I need to do anything special or the GL.iNet Beryl and VPN are independent from each other?

You just need to download the ovpn from your vpn service and put on the router.

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Alzhao, thanks for getting me started on that. Seems simple enough. I do have a few questions.

I still have to pay for the OpenVPN just like a regular monthly fee right? It is not for free right?

Also, so each time I use the VPN service, it will generate a new username and password that I have to use right? Just like at this time in this video.

You need to pay for your vpn.

The username and password generated for your vpn connection, is almost permanent. After you configure on the router, you do not need to modify again. Only need to turn on/off.

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Is it possible to setup ExpressVPN LightWay on this router?

No. It is not possible.

But if I go with a VPN service that supports WireGuard, then I can setup WireGuard on it right?

Yes you are right. A bunch of vpn services support Wireguard

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