Gl.iNet Brume 2 hinter FRITZ!Box 6490 einrichten

Hello everyone,

for business trips in the hotel in the public WLAN encrypted with VPN WireGuard to connect home I have, from Gl.iNet Brume 2 as server and Slate AX as client.

Connected Brume to FRITZ!Box from WAN to LAN, saw, assigned ip in FRITZ!Box, tried to access the assigned ip from the tablet which is logged on to the FRITZ!Box with WLAN, no, not to the ip of Brume either.
I connected the Slate to the LAN of the Brume and logged in to the WLAN of the Slate, then I could access the ip of the Brume from the iPad.

IPv6 enabled with NAT6.

Turned on dynamic DNS from gl.inet, tested, ip does not match.
The same in slate works dynamic DNS.

What am I doing wrong

Next step set up VPN WireGuard server in Brume with connection to Slate as client and also for iPhone iPad.

Finally also to access the NAS Synology DiskStation DS1618+ on the road which is connected to the FRITZ!

Maybe you can help me with this.

All the best Jens

This is desired because you cannot access Brume from the WAN side by default.

The next step:

  1. Set up Wireguard server on Brume
  2. Set up port forward on your Fritzbox to Brume, port 51820, UDP
  3. Test your Wireguard outside of your home network.

DynDNS via gl.inet does not work
Is network, IPv6, NAT6 or something else more correct?
VPN WireGuard Server does not work with this.
I had already tried it.
From the FRITZ!Box port 51820 UDP forwarded to Brume 2.
What am I doing wrong?

If I can’t access the Brume 2 in the network from the FRITZ!Box with the ip address assigned by the FRITZ!Box, what do I have to do?

Pls give details of the 3 steps I mentioned above, with screenshots.

WireGuard server set up, port in the FRITZ!Box for Brume released for Wiregurd UDP.
iPhone connected to WireGuard Transfer profile. But no connection with iPhone via mobile radio

Can you check if your Fritzbox actually has IPv4?

Also wonder if you can send me a working profile to test.

What kind of work profile?

You don’t have IPv4, you are using DS-Lite which does not include a public IPv4 address.

And now?
How can I set up WireGuard as a VPN server behind the FRITZ!Box with DS-Lite IPv6 using the Brume 2? How does the Brume have to be set up, or also in the FRITZ!
Please help me.

Not sure if the WireGuard server / client on Brume supports IPv6.
What do you think, @alzhao ?

Not sure. Need to try.