Gl.inet Brume2 Mt2500 control parental block facebook

there are any people that may i confirm that the router MT2500 could block the facebook page ( with control parental function?

Upgrade to the latest version 4.2.1 and you can add blacklists to the rule set.
Note that this blacklist is limited to http and https protocols

Thanks , this comment about http/https is my doubt. i dont know exactly how is the behavior withs apps in android and in the windows pc browser.

i want to sell this Model for my customer , but i need be confident for purchase this option .

Both the App and the browser use http/https connections. But for the App, you need to block more domains than just A good way to do this is to block all domains containing the facebook, fb characters via wildcards, but this may incorrectly block access to other sites.

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