Gl.inet Brume2 Mt2500 control parental block facebook

there are any people that may i confirm that the router MT2500 could block the facebook page ( with control parental function?

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Upgrade to the latest version 4.2.1 and you can add blacklists to the rule set.
Note that this blacklist is limited to http and https protocols

Thanks , this comment about http/https is my doubt. i dont know exactly how is the behavior withs apps in android and in the windows pc browser.

i want to sell this Model for my customer , but i need be confident for purchase this option .

Both the App and the browser use http/https connections. But for the App, you need to block more domains than just A good way to do this is to block all domains containing the facebook, fb characters via wildcards, but this may incorrectly block access to other sites.


Hi! I wonder if you did it?

Yep, you can definitely use the control parental function on the Gl.inet Brume 2 MT2500 router to block Facebook. It’s a handy feature to keep things in check. Just dive into the router settings, find the parental controls, and you’ll be able to wave goodbye to Facebook on your network.

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Rigth , it was the better solution.

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