GL.iNet bug when using the stock Android mobile browser

When using the stock Android browser to access the GL.iNet interface, and going to Internet settings > Settings, the popup only shows Protocol DHCP in all 4 tabs :frowning:

In my chrome and firefox on android, it works fine. Is your browser a modified version?

Yes. On Chrome, and Firefox all is working fine. It’s the default browser that comes with Android it does not work on.
It’s and “old” phone (HTC7), and not a modified version.

I’m going to do some more testing with other mobile phones and see if they will work.

Will report back when I know more.

I have HTC One and I don’t use its default browser.

In China there are dozens of modified browser too, very difficult.


I’ve tried several other mobile Android phones and tablets, and all of them are not having this “bug” with the default browser.
So… it must be a problem with my HTC One (7) default browser :-/

Thank you for checking.

Case closed…

HTC One (7) is what I am using? How about your main phone camera? It is dark purple and I cannot use it at all.

Same problem here with the camera. It happens when the phone gets to hot!

I recognize this issue. I also have an HTC One M7 with purple spots on pictures taken at evening or night. It’s a known issue with the UltraPixel-sensor getting to much power. At my phone the purple spots always appear when there is a low light environment. The temperature doesn’t affect the availability of the purple spots on my phone. I decided not to let this repair, because I didn’t want to miss my phone for a few weeks and my phone is not mainly intended to photograph with. I do have a seperate Canon photocamera for taking photo’s.

More irritating is the fact HTC decided to not update the HTC One M7 stock firmware anymore. Now I got the very frustrating Android 5.0 with memory leak bug. My phone is mostly terrible slow and does restart from time to time.

The easiest way is the buy a new phone. HTC One M7 is too old. Except for the UI and camera, everything else is fine.

Unfortunately, the UI and camera are the most important parts of a smartphone. So, this is why HTC is having big trouble.