GL-iNet DDNS not working on Flint

Unlike in B1300 I couldn’t get GL DDNS active on Flint router. It turned it on but I get a message when I run DDNS test saying " Your DDNS is not effective yet. Please try later. Retry"

With this issue I’m not able to set DDNS in nextDNS to auto update IP address, doing it manually every time, especially with Flint WiFi or some other issue it has where router completely stops working.

It works for my ax1800, I am using this firmware GL.iNet download center

Great. I wish if my router learns something from yours :slight_smile:

Could you offer your WAN MAC address to me, I will check it for you.

MAC address for DDNS or DDNS address?

both are OK. Maybe just pm the bottom sticker photo.

Both are ok, please send it to my email.