GL-iNet false advertising, not really using OpenWrt?

I just spent a good few hours trying to get travelmate working on my GL-MT3000 Beryl AX. This plug-in is (supposed) to be able to log you into (hotel) captive portals, a feature missing from this travel router. From what I read on the OpenWrt forum, there are travelmate issues that are fixed in later versions of travelmate that are only released on later versions of OpenWrt (like 23.05.2), but the 4.5 firmware (latest) is based on a much older (21.x) version.

As another user asks in the link below, I would like to ask when there will be a firmware update based on OpenWrt stable 23.05.2. Without this I do not see an easy path to getting this “travel router” working with captive portals in the way you would expect a travel router to work with such portals.

Claiming that this travel router let’s you use the rich set of OpenWrt plug-ins may sound nice in the marketing literature but, if when it comes down to actually taking advantage of this, you get stuck because the underlying OpenWrt version is too old, the reality is not as nice as it sounds.