Gl.Inet Flint disconnecting every 20 mins

I have been using Flint as my home router in repeater mode for over 2 years. It is on the latest firmware. But the internet disconnects every 20-30 mins for about 30 seconds and the restores. I have rebooted router many times and the problem persists. And it is not the issue with original wifi signal that is being repeated. Will appreciate help on resolving this.

Please post logs. (GL GUI → System → Log → Export Log)

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Log is attached.

Do you have any special configuration?

You mean the link disconnet?

There is no special configuration and yes the internet disconnects on all devices connected to the router for 20-30 seconds then restores.

Hi universeisgr8:

It looks like the PC devices are actively disconnecting for some reason.

Can the lease be extended?

How should i extend it?

I have test it for two days.But the Flint has no the issue.

Which router is Flint’s superior router?It need modify on Flint’s superior router.

Hi universeisgr8:

We found a suspicious point, I will compile a firmware.
If it’s convenient for you, I can send it to you for testing.