GL.iNet GL-A1300 & Tailscale


I have a setup were I use a lenovo mini-pic as my tailscale exit node in my house. I also have tailscale in my iphone and mac and it works like a charm. I am trying to connect to my exit node from a GL.iNet GL-A1300 router but the moment I turn on the “Custom exit node” switch from the interface all the devices connected to the router can’t connect to the internet. I can see the router along with the rest of my devices in my tailscale account and I have advertised the IP ranges(I think) but still it won’t work.
How can I solve this?

What’s the firmware version of your A1300? Can you help to make sure lenovo mini-pic has accepted routing rule of A1300? Please follow the attached document for further check.Thanks!

Using Custom Exit (631.7 KB)

hi, I am currently on firmware version 4.5.

This guide was helpful. I think the only thing I hadn’t done was step 3, DNS settings. I did that and a warning I was getting before, when I would turn on “Custom exit node”, is not there anymore. Unfortunately though, I still can’t load any pages.

Are my IP settings ok as per step 4 in the guide? I am not very sure.