GL.iNet GL-AR150 VPN Bridge

I would like to create a VPN Bridge between GL.iNet GL-AR150 and asus router AC68 making all client connected on lan port take ip adress directly from asus dhcp server, but seems sonthing is preventing this, any suggestion?

Yes, make sure the switch changes it to Bridge mode. Then connect the wifi to the asus router, should work?

Sorry I do not explain good.
I have hasus at my home, and Glinet at parents home, wanna create a VPN BRIDGE, so that all clinet connected to lan port of Gli take adress from asus von server DHCp and csan view alll my lan and can be rached by client on my lan

I understand but not sure how to do this. But we will check soon.

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Any suggestion news? can I do something similar using PPTP perhaps? Meaning doing that pc attached to lan take ip address from PPTP DHCP?

Have you every tried using PPTP in the router and set up bridge?

The firmware support PPTP and you can use.

when I try to cretae PPT interface I receive error

"the submitted security tocken is invalis or already wxpired!

reset, factory reset no solution

Installing old firmware solved the issue
Now i created the interface and I was able to connect.
Is there a way to do a dmz, meaning that to send all request sent to the ip of the VPN client from vpn server to a specific client in the lan, a 1 to 1 specific lan client?

you can try to set up DMZ in Luci. Not tried my self.

I have an MT300N client bridging to a Shibby v1.28 Linksys E1200 server using PPTP.
Works fine, except that broadcasts are not sent to the MT300N lan.
I am trying to get full bridging working using OpenVPN; no luck yet (but the bridged VPN works when using a Shibby client).