GL.iNet GL-AR300M - VPN in AP Mode

Just received my GL.iNet GL-AR300M which I bought as I wanted to use both the VPN functionality plus the Access Point.

I have configured the access point which works fine.

I have also had a play with the VPN Client config and am confident in setting it up as I have the instructions from my VPN provider.

However, could someone please advise if I am ok to configure the Open VPN Client and connecting to it prior to enabling the Access Point?

I’m being cautious as I don’t want any I.P. conflicts with my main house router/network which is currently connected to the GL.iNet GL-AR300M.

Many thanks.

To run as VPN client or server, your Mango will have to be in WISP repeater (default) mode. It will not work in AP mode. You will end up with two IP subnets.


Thanks for the advice limbot, presumably I can use repeater mode whilst the mango is connected to the LAN? When reading the instructions, it seems that repeater mode is used to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, and not via the LAN. Thanks.

You can use “router” mode when connected to WAN and get VPN.
You can use “WISP repeater” mode when connected to WiFi and get VPN.

You can use “Access Point” mode when connected to WAN but no VPN
You can use “Extender” mode when connected to WiFi but no VPN.

It’s probably more of a terminology thing.


Many thanks limbot :+1: