GL.iNet GL-AR750 keeps losing Guest signal in nursing home

I have a AR-750 set up in my fathers room in a nursing home in order to run a web cam that cannot directly connect to an open network. Therefore, I use the router as a repeater of the “Guest” network and connect the cam to that. However, every few days the router loses the signal and I have to go back thru the repeater steps again to get everything to re-connect. Is there anything I can do to a) keep from losing the signal in the first place and b) force the router to auto reconnect to the open “Guest” network if it does lose a signal. Obviously, with COVID going on I can’t get into the home so everything I do must be done from standing outside the window so I know my options are limited. Thanks for your help.

Update to the latest testing firmware openwrt-ar750s-3.102-0401.tar from here:

Connection issues were fixed in the 3.102 versions.

Is this something that can be easily done just using the phone to login into admin portal? Reason being I cannot physically access the router now due to covid so everything has to be done thru the window using iPhone. I get nervous about messing with it too much and being able to physically access it.

How long does updating the firmware usually take?

Thanks for your help.

Should take about 2min max to upgrade it. You should probably also clear the settings and start over, as things have changed a bit. That won’t be hard, just remember the default wifi name and password.

I’m not sure if iPhone lets you upload files, but try using chrome on your iPhone.
Follow the local upgrade section of the guide here:

I can get the router to connect to the internet(it just drops after a couple of days). So once I get router to connect to internet can I just let the router download the upgrade itself without having to download files on my iphone or laptop. I thought using the admin panel thru the web browser gave you an option to update firmware and you just clicked it and the router did it from there. Is that not correct? Thanks.

You can absolutely do that by following the ‘online upgrade’ section of the instructions linked in Johnex’s post above.

Unfortunately the online upgrade does not have the latest testing firmware, only the latest release.
You will need to download the file and use the local upgrade.

Thanks guys for the advice. I got it up and running again. I noticed I am on firmware 2.72. So I’m sure and upgrade would help. However, I’m gun shy to try to do anything since if something goes wrong I can’t physically get my hands on it. I’m not sure how doing the online update on their guest network would go. I would feel better being able to physically plug an Ethernet cable into and doing a proper upgrade.