GL.iNet GL-AR750 (VPN Speed + PureVPN Support )


I am planning to buy this product" GL.iNet GL-AR750" Would like to understand the features avl with this

  1. Max Speed of download with 2 device connected
  2. PureVPN support (*Saw some issues in connectivity for others)
  3. **Bypass VPN for particular connected devices (2 connected in vpn and other normal )

I can help with a couple of your questions.

  1. I have use PureVPN with out any issues.
  2. It can’t do this by default but it can be achieved using additional packages and configuration if you know your way around the luci advanced configurations.

It would be helpful if you could get me the steps

For PureVPN, just zip the ovpn, and certificate files and add as normal VPN through the GL web GUI.

For the second you need to install vpn-routing-policy (there may be other ways of doing this, but this is how I’ve been able to achieve it in the past).

To do this run this

opkg remove dnsmasq
opkg list-installed | grep -q uclient-fetch || opkg install uclient-fetch
opkg list-installed | grep -q libustream || opkg install libustream-mbedtls
echo -e -n ‘untrusted comment: LEDE usign key of Stan Grishin\nRWR//HUXxMwMVnx7fESOKO7x8XoW4/dRidJPjt91hAAU2L59mYvHy0Fa\n’ > /tmp/ && opkg-key add /tmp/
! grep -q ‘stangri_repo’ /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf && echo ‘src/gz stangri_repo’ >> /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf
opkg update
opkg install vpn-policy-routing luci-app-vpn-policy-routing dnsmasq-full

Then login to luci to configure which IP addresses or ranges go out which interface.

I think I can provide some info of your first question.
Let’s say the download speed under PureVPN since you mentioned, the total speed should around 12-15 Mbps, if there are 2 devices, it will be lower.
Actually the AR750 is not the best choice for use OpenVPN, the GL-B1300 can get 22-26Mbps

I had the same issue with support however after searching for answers came across this article on purevpn and the guys there solved my issue by forwarding my request to the concerned department. Finally my issue has been resolved and now I can setup purevpn on my router.

Hi, noob here.
I had DD-WRT for many years, but recently bricked the last one, so I bought a GL-AR7505 with OpenVpn pre-installed.
I could not connect it to Pure VPN at all, as was getting tons of errors in the .ovpn files they supply. (Actually they don’t supply Open WRT ones, but I took the DD-WRT ones and the UNIX ( sorry Linux - showing my age there), ripped the commands, certs and keys from them and cobbled together a config file that works pretty sweetly. Available here : I unzipped the LINUX package, and took the London TCP opvn file. ukl2-ovpn-tcp,opvn. I then deleted everything apart from the certs and the pkeys. Make sure to delete all the commands AFTER the tag,
I then added some commands to the top of the file immediately before the tag.

So that it looks like this:
dev tun
resolv-retry infinite
port 80
proto tcp
key-direction 1
remote-cert-tls server
cipher AES-256-CBC
verb 3

** cert details removed**

cert details removed

PK Details removed

# 2048 bit OpenVPN static key
-----BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1-----
Key Details removed
-----END OpenVPN Static key V1-----

I saved it and it connects like a charm for iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 etc …
You only need to change the server to ukg2, ukm2 etc. to connect to the different UK based servers.
Not tried US or other ones yet, but for UK it’s fine.

I had contacted PureVPN support, but they were useless, first telling me to use a Chrome plugin, and then a different server, before closing my ticket without fixing it.
Hopefully anyone with PureVPN and OpenVPN over Open WRT / Luci can use this config too.



ddwrt ovpn files always contains a lot of scripts which does not work on openwrt.

You should just use standard Linux ovpn files. Upload the whole zip and that is easy.