GL.iNet GL-AR750s-EXT Wireguard VPN & Clients section

Hi, I love this router, im using it for my home network, I currently have 2 devices connected to the LAN ports (My PC and my Amazon Fire Cube) and then I have my Virgin Super Hub 3 connected to the WAN port in Modem mode, then I have approx 10 devices connected via wifi, however, this includes things like my mobile phone, laptop, tablet, AV receiver and my Tivo V6 box, however my Tivo V6 doesnt work properly when I have the wireguard VPN enabled, how can I get this device to bypass the VPN, but all other devices to use it ? is this even possible ?

Im very new to this so dont really know what I should be looking for.

It would also be very handy if you could change the names of all the devices connected to the router in the Clients menu, a few of them have been detected with some of the names to state which device it is, but most of them are just a green circle with a ? follwed by a * where the name would usually be, if these names could be manually editied, it would help a lot.


To change the host names:

More settings

And match up the IP or MAC address with your “new” name

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Thanks for that.

Ive also found the area where to set devices from using the VPN whilst its enabled, its in Admin Panel>VPN>VPN Policies-Set the MAC address of the device you want to bypass the VPN and set the rule to “DO NOT use VPN for the following”, enable the policy and apply.

Just in case anyone else has a similar problem.

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Although I loved this router very much, I sent it back to where I brought it from as it was simply slowing the internet down too much whilst using the VPN, however I exchanged it for a GL-B1300 instead, once update it has the same firmware, all of the same features, and although it does still slow the internet down a little bit, with Mulvad wireguard enabled im getting 220mb/s out of 350mb/s, with the AR750s I was getting 70mb/s, so a massive difference, and still a tiny footprint.