GL.iNet GL-AX1800(Flint) Wireguard download and upload at KB!

Hello everyone, I am new to setting up wireguard (With home router and travel router, GL-AX1800 and GL-AXT1800) and my upload and download speed when connected to it is only 3.15 KB upload and
280.57 KB download. It is so slow I am unable to load any pages.

This is after I played around with MTU to be 1360 (didn’t work that well) and 1380. I have screenshots below of my current upload speed with my home router (It is usually this speed)

and the device I connected it with
have around 20 mb download speed.


What is the issue here? I just need around 10 mb download and upload to do productive things.

Few things to try:

  • restore the mtu
  • turn off the vpn on the router
  • do a speed test and make sure your are not using the internet connection while testing to get accurate speed of your connection
  • connect your windows/mac using the wireguard configurations and do a speed test? What is the speed ?
  • lastly turn off the vpn on the machine and configure it on the router … speed test … what is the speed ?

Whats the Firmware?
What is the speed promised by the ISP, you wil usually see a loss between 5%-25% of promised.
Like @SpitzAX3000 suggested restore the defaults for the MTU
Also try using the DNS servers your VPN provides.
You could also try SQM setup