GL.Inet gl-ax1800 router now Wifi calling on airplane mode wont work

Installed gl-inet flint gl-ax1800 router, which i connected to my home att router. Initially everything worked fine but now I’m trying to do wifi calling in airplane mode and getting error message saying No network connection. connect to a wifi network or disable airplane mode to place a call. This worked fine on my old router so i’m assuming something needs to be set on this router to allow.
I would really appreciate any help in resolving this issue.
Thank You.

Just to verify, do you have internet access on your phone when you are in airplane mode? By default, airplane mode often disables wifi and bluetooth as well as cellular, so you may need to turn those back on manually.

Yes I can access the internet. This worked a couple of days ago.

Wifi calling is fickle at times. Have you tried to disable wifi calling, reboot your device, and re-enable wifi calling?

I did try that. It hasn’t been fickle before today.

I saw someone was having a similar issue and I believe they said they opened ports 500 and 4500 but I wasn’t clear whether that resolved the issue.

The issue appears to have been unrelated to my router. I also had Nord VPN and when I disconnected the router from Nord VPN, the wifi calling with airplane mode enabled works fine. Now I need to find out why Nord VPN killed it. :slight_smile:

Wifi calling is technically a VPN. Maybe your device cannot cascade multiple VPNs?

How could I check that?

Most mobile devices will not allow that. I know my iOS devices will only connect to one provider at a time. But I cannot say I have really noticed whether or not a vpn client specifically disables WiFi calling. If you have the VPN client on your phone, and WiFi Calling is disabled every time (it make take a minute to fall off) you turn on the VPN it is likely a sign that it is not allowing Wifi calling over another VPN.

Thanks I appreciate it. I think it must be an issue with nord vpn.

Wifi calling generally uses ikev2 vpn protocols, so your network has to be able to pass the traffic. For example:

Thanks I apologize for the question, but where can I find the IPSec configuration section in my gl-inet ax1800 router?

You don’t need to do anything on your router VPN side to make this work. You just need to make sure the traffic can pass (outbound generally, inbound forwarding is not required). Out of the box, all(most?) traffic is unfiltered outbound.

I have found that when I connect openvpn to nordvpn that prevents doing wifi calling in airplane mode. I read that I could use split tunneling but not sure how to set that up on this router.

Split tunneling on the router would be handled via policy-based routing.

Thank You I will look at this. Thanks again.

Same issue here but wifi calling straight wont work when Nord is connected (TCP or UDP) regardless of airplane mode. I get the same error on my android with the airplane mode on and Nord connected locally at the AX1800. I'd like to use the VPN, but not sure how I can specify for ONLY WiFi calling and whitelisted domains (my bank for instance).

Cellular service provider is Metro by T-Mobile...

Wi-Fi calling is achieved by an IPsec tunnel directly from your cell phone to your provider.
So the traffic won't hit your router unencrypted; which means it's pretty difficult to handle it.

Understood. So how does one allow it to come through however it needs to while still routing the rest of the traffic through VPN? I know about the link above for proxy mode, just not certain what setting would be used/added for my particular cell provider's wifi calling... any insight on that?