GL.iNet GL-E750 MUDI - USB over network?

Is it possible to share the USB port of MUDI to Windows over the network?
Did anyone try it?


What do you want to achieve?

Thanks for the replay.

Some devices need a direct USB connection for management.
For example.
The customer needs to reconfigure some devices - access only via USB.
I could send him MUDI + cables.
The customer could connect Mudi to the device. I could do diagnostics, change settings, or download data for the customer.
JOB done. The customer could send Mudi back to me.
Case closed.

It could be like this but instead of 2nd PC MUDI.

Checked but still not sure how it works.

It make a usb device appears locally? Seems it needs support in both remote and local computer. Also seems that you need a windows in both side to do that.

From what I know the type c port isn’t a actual type c standard just a power USB standard with Ethernet capability. This job would be better done over remote desktop with USB over ip. Sadly I haven’t been able to do much with the mudis USB port outside of these two things.