GL.iNet GL-MT1300 Location leaks with Mullad Wire guard

Trying to see if I am doing anything wrong. I add my laptop MAC address to go through VPN policy it has to go through the VPN to access the internet. Sometime when I restart the modem or even randomly, it will allow me to connect to the internet but my location leaks. I will check Whatsmyip or several other site and it shows my real location rather than the location I want it to be. I want to see if Im doing anything wrong or is this a Mullad Wireguard issue? Should I stick to a regular VPN like Nord? Any VPN recommendation that won’t cause this?

By default, the laptop will go through the VPN without a VPN policy, when it is connected to your router. Test with the VPN policy removed.

When the leak occurs, check if the Mullvad VPN connection has been disconnected for some reason. You should enable Internet Kill Switch, so that you lose Internet access if Mullvad drops and you will then know when that occurs, without leaking your location.

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Make sure to have firmware 3.211 as well.