GL.iNet GL MT300N V2 Ip-address

Dear all,

A short question: How do I change the ip address of the router (and thus the range of the entire lan network) to

Now I can only select certain ranges, this is not one of the ranges I can select. Help! How can I do this?

Thank you very much!


It’s a restriction based on:

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has directed the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to reserve the following IPv4 address ranges for private networks:[1](p4)

RFC1918 name IP address range Number of addresses Largest CIDR block (subnet mask) Host ID size Mask bits Classful description[Note 1]
24-bit block – 16777216 ( 24 bits 8 bits single class A network
20-bit block – 1048576 ( 20 bits 12 bits 16 contiguous class B networks
16-bit block – 65536 ( 16 bits 16 bits 256 contiguous class C networks

But I’m assuming if you had a legitimate reason to do it you could do via:
More settings → Advanced ->Network → Interfaces → LAN EDIT ->IPV4 Address/DHCP Start/Limit

Actually you can just connect to SSH and run:

sed -i "s/''/''/g" /etc/config/network

When the router starts up the router will be on and clients will get IP’s in the range you want