GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 & IPv6/DS-Lite


I already searched the forum and the web but didn’t find a clear statement on if/when/what to do - sorry if this is despite my search a duplicate.

I bought a Mango Router GL-MT300N-V2 to use it as a Wireguard Server so I can access my private Network from outside. The Mangobox is sitting behind a Fritzbox 7590 running the latest FritzOS 7.20 and - here’s the problem - a DS-Lite Connection due to a kind-of-cheap FTTH-Internetaccess. I did learn fast that VPN and all don’t work at all or only with a big effort using IPv4 on my DS-Lite connection BUT in fact I don’t really care about it because my Mobile-provider uses IPv6 too so I just could do the whole entry via IPv6 I thought. So in the Fritzbox I set the IPv6-portforwarding for Wireguard and: nothing. Only then I realized that the Mangobox doesn’t really use IPv6 - ok, I could have done that research before :frowning: . The official GL.iNet twitter account announced the next Version to have decent IPv6-Settings on the interface but that post is from March 2020 and nothing seems to have changed so far.
Is there anything I can do to make my Mango Router use IPv6 behind the Fritzbox as Wireguard-VPN server? Install extra packages? Change configs? Or do I have to wipe everything and install a vanilla OpenWRT?

Thanks for your help!

Please modify the /etc/config/glipv6 configuration file , and execute /etc/init.d/gl_ipv6 restart.
config globals ‘globals’
option enabled ‘1’

This only enabled ipv6 on the router. But not ipv6 support for wireguard.

Thank you for this hint! I will try in a few days, at the moment I only have few free time to test and amend. So when IPv6 has been enabled do I need to install additional packages to enable IPv6 on wireguard?

I never try wireguard on IPv6. Sorry.

I’m wondering if NAT6 would work

My mv1000 don’t have glipv6 file. What’s in the file?

some routers have ipv6 disabled by default.
this files enables them. it has nothing to do with wireguard

What’s the content of that file? I am wondering if I create this file, will it enable IPv6

This one. /etc/config/glipv6

Could you post full content of /etc/config/glipv6 and /etc/init.d/gl_ipv6? Does it exists on gl-inet github account?

It should be just in your firmware. Not sure why need to post here.