GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2


I’m interested in this router, but I would loke to know if it’s possible to use it with another router (primary router conected to the internet) and before the switch I use to conect all the equipments.
The instalation would be - primary router that receive the internet signal and manage the network (ip’s) - this router to configure the vpn - the switch where I conect all the equipments.
The function of this router would be the vpn option that my router (fritzbox 7590) don’t has.

Yes, this is the way how I have mine setup.
Please remember that this router has a rather slow VPN speed:

  • max 10 Mbps on OpenVPN and
  • max 20 Mbps on WireGuard.
    I just ordered the newer GL-MV1000 (Brume) router, which doesn’t have WiFi built in.
    So I hope I’ll get better VPN speeds. Read on some reviews that that will be the case.