GL.iNet GL-X3000 (Spitz AX) 5G NR AX3000


If I connect a 5G SIM into this router does it automatically connect to the internet via the SIM or do I have to put the SIM into a 5G Dongle ??

It connects automatically as long as the provided profile (which mostly installed on the SIM) fits.

So basically: Yes, should work.
No dongle needed.

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And No E-sim compatibility with the Spitz AX?

No e-SIM in any GL device so far.

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Hello and thank you for your inquiry.

  1. GL-X3000 software supports automatic dialing and hot swapping of SIM cards. You just need to insert the SIM and it will automatically connect.
  2. GL-X3000 has reserved e-sim functionality on its hardware, but it is currently not installed. It is looking for suitable e-sim card services in its future plans
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