GL.iNet GL-X3000


I have just bought GL-X3000 router and after few minor issues I have successfully completed the setup and got it working. Everything works great but I was hoping for the signal to be a bit better than my previous router from Zyxel although the values seems to be similar.

Mobile broadband is my only possible option for internet where I live and I like to play online games so I would like to boost my router, strengthen and lower the ping a little bit with external antenna. Currently I’ve got in the best possible spot inside :

  • NR5G-NSA
  • Band78
  • dl_bandwidth40M
  • RSRP-97Good
  • RSRQ-11Excellent
  • SINR20Excellent

I’ve got an easy access to the roof and I’ve got ventilation holes in the windows so I don’t have to drill anything unless mounting the antenna. Do you have any experiences and could recommend the good and easy to set up antenna that’s compatibile with the router.Budget I got is around £100. Thank you!

To be honest, based on the readings you provided, I doubt that an external antenna will provide a significant improvement - particularly in decreased ping times. You’re doing quite well.

Before spending any money, if its reasonably easy to do so I suggest that you temporarily take your Spitz AX up on the roof, plug it in with an long extension cord and do some quick speedtests while sitting next to the router. This will give you a very good idea of the level of improvement you’ll see with an external antenna.

As far as antenna recommendations, I apologize as I’m not in the UK/familitiar with what is available there - so my list of preferred/best-performing antennas may not be overly useful to you:

  • Parsec Akita (note: although this is a flat-panel design, it is omnidirectional and does not require aiming)
  • Poynting XPOL-24 (this is a directional antenna and installation requires pointing the antenna towards the cell tower)
  • and, I’ll throw in a mobile antenna that performs exceptionally well: Pepwave Mobility 40g

They’re all excellent choices, but the Poynting will offer the best antenna gain. But, remember that for all antennas, the longer the cable run between your router and the antenna. the more signal loss you’l suffer. I suggest keeping cables under 15 feet if at all possible. And, again, I suspect that in your specific case, you won’t see much measurable improvement by using an external antenna.


I have the GL-x3000 and a Parsec Akita lite antenna, the cables on the antenna are labeled 1,3,4,2 from left to right. Would you happen to know which cable goes where on the router?

How’s your speed test look like

Numbering doesn’t matter in this case.

The Akita is a pair of cross-polarized antennas - the four antennas are designed to operate independently and to not interfere with each other. You can connect them to the X3000 in any order.

Ok thank you so much!