GL.iNet GL-X750

I have the GL.iNet GL-X750
My first 2 months it was working fine at low speeds of 20 to 30 mbps. I am in the country so that’s good for now.
I noticed that my speed went down to 2 mbps and I got an email saying I have used all my hotspot data, However, I was never connected to hotspot only cellular. I have tried to look everywhere for a way to fix this issue. I do not have hotspot on, and I don’t have hotspot turned on, on my computer. I am using wireless only.
Cellular Settings
Protocol QMI
Port /dev/cdc-wdm0
APN Optional
PIN Optional
TTL 65
MTU Optional
Authentication None
Data Roaming on
Kernel Version 5.10.176
Firmware is up to date.
Current Firmware

  • Version4.0
  • Firmware Typerelease30306
    Please help me get back to 20 to 30 mpbs

The data on X750 is deems by your carrier as hotspot data.

Now you can:

  1. Pls make sure you upgrade to latest firmware. GL.iNet download center
  2. Have to wait next month when your data is recalculated.